Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Family Business

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The benefits of running a family business far outweigh the disadvantages. Relate this to your personal experience. Use specific examples and provide appropriate evidence to support your answer. Introduction:People in China always say that a rich family cannot maintain rich for more than three generations. It is obvious that there are prejudices toward family business. However, some cases like Walmart, Samsung and LG show us that family controlled enterprises are powerful enough to stand in the cutting-edge of the world business. Thus, people are seeking for the advantages and disadvantages of running a family business. My essay will explore both the merits and weaknesses for you. Advantage 1: Topic Sentence: Family business is shining…show more content…
(Mike Henning Disadvantages of Family Business Ownership) Disadvantage 2: Topic Sentence: Family business contains possible inadequacies, which is approximately the same as the drawbacks of the hereditary system. Supporting Details: One inadequacy can be the physical defect. The next generation of the family business may not suit the position of the business, which means that some prepared successors may suffer from amentia, incurable diseases or any other illness that deprives them from the original position. However, family members will still give a job to the incapable people, which results in the vicious circle. Another inadequacy is that the family business is the obstacle to successors who have their own dream to pursue. For instance, my cousin is a girl who loves travelling. Unfortunately, when it comes to the major selection, my uncle and aunt strongly opposed her decision and persuaded her to choose business. The memory is still fresh to me that my cousin said to me “I will definitely follow my heart if I am given another chance. Family business may be a good choice to successors, but it does have the reverse effect on them in some
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