Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Movement Of Labour

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"The principle of free movement of workers within the EU: problems, challenges and opportunities"

The definition of this theme means that workers are entitled to look for work to another country, without requiring any visa and also qualifications are universally accepted across Europe. In theory, there should be no discrimination for firms choosing between native and migrant workers. However, within the rapid expansion of the EU to include 28 countries (later to be 27 post-Brexit) the concept of free movement of labour has become politically controversial because it has led to a large migrant flows from low income countries in the East, to higher income countries in the West. Most of people have felt that the free movement of labour within an enlarged EU of wide
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First of all one big advantage could be the European Public Employment Services, which is really useful for the integration of workers as it aims to facilitate the free movement of workers within the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). In EU countries, public employment services (PES) are the authorities that connect jobseekers with employers; although structured differently in each country, all PES help match supply and demand on the labour market through information, placement and active support services at local, national and European level. Freedom of movement of workers was one of the key objectives of the Amsterdam Treaty which entered into force in 1999. However, having the right to live and work anywhere within the European Union does not make the reality of finding a job in another Member State any easier. This was the reason for creating EURES, which helps workers to find an employment by linking European employment services with vacancy notices and useful information for living and working abroad. EURES thus helps turn the principles of the Amsterdam Treaty into a positive reality for citizens across the

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