Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Immigration

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Human beings never know what awaits the path they are taking as they traverse their journeys in life. This is why they sometimes had to make hard choices that increase their risk just to aid their satisfaction. One is something which is likely to result from transferring from one place to another due to the loss of careers, identities and support from the government. Thus, this one contributes to a more and more social and economic issues to be concerned of. This is how immigration works. Immigration is an act of transferring from one place to another in order to adequately supply the needs of their own which is not readily available at their place. If the people go to a new country for just a short visit, they are not immigrants but was merely…show more content…
Descriptive procedure is the easiest way to show advantages and disadvantages of the immigration. This will help to understand the comparison about the topic. The topic, “Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration to the Economy as perceived by the Economics Students” will describe the impact of immigration to the country/economy. This will also describe how immigrants adapt to the country/economy. The target number that the researchers will survey is 30 people. All of these people are the college students of De La Salle Lipa. They will answer the questions prepared by the researchers. In the survey made by the researchers, 14 boys and 16 girls with an age range of 16 to 18 years answer the questions in the survey. The instruments used by the researchers are the books, journals, magazines, newspapers and websites. Researchers must use these things because it helps to learn and give more information to assist in the study. The researchers must have sufficient knowledge in their subject. Because of this instrument, the researchers will understand their subject easier. These instruments will help the researchers to learn facts and not from “word mouth” which some are untrue. These instruments are important to researchers because if none of these are available or existing, researchers will be having a hard time searching facts. Instruments make new researchers life easier than before which they had research from books only but now website are

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