Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping Pets

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Keeping pets is something ordinary in our society life which is most of us like to play with animal. Animal is a living creature with an adorable behaviours and cute looks. No wonder people like to keep pets. As we know keeping pets can give us advantages such as keeping pets can make us happy every day, they can be a home security and they also can teach us about responsibility and disadvantage of keeping pet is will always involve money.
One of the advantage of keeping pet is we will be happier every day. As we know take care of pets can reduce the suffer from depreciation. For example, we can see for those who keeping dogs as their pet. According to Benjamin (2013), dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. As we know depreciation is a health issue which is happen to certain person. The interaction with and love received
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Based on “How to train a dog” (2017), a dog will never be capable of replacing a house security system. Don’t think your dog can substitute for home security equipment. Use your dog as an additional safety toll. When linked to pet care in terms of safety, it is often associated with the dog. Dog are obedient animals by nature. They seek out a “master” in a social hierarchy, as long as the master in command does so with trust and no abuse. Dog also are animal that can be detect sense and distant sounds or someone who is badly intent on their owner. When we sleep at night, there have a robbery outside home. If outside of our house have a dog, it can bark to give a signal to their owner or people around us. The owner must alert on that sound. The owner of house can call police or neighbour to arrest criminals. Another example is when we are not around at house, it clearly our house is not safe and various threats can occur. With the dog as a pet, people do not dare to do bad thing when we’re away from

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