Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multinational Corporations In Developing Countries

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In the past few years, Multinational Corporation has become the most important character in globalization topic. Multinational corporation means an organization that owns sale their goods or service to more than single countries are rising at this age, moreover, these corporations almost come from developed countries (Allen Sens, 2012). In 20 to 21 centuries, considerably multinational corporations have chosen developing countries like China or India for continuous their business. However, is it bring economic benefit to developing country or make that worse? The aim of this essay is to examine some arguments for and against of multinational corporations in developing country First of all, the developing countries will gain the technology…show more content…
Multinational corporations had brought numerous opportunity to developing country such as job opportunity, increasing guarantee at employment rate. It is benefited for developing country to improve the economy. According to Management development in international companies in China (Stephen T.K. Li, 1999), China is obtained 10% average annual by multinational companies and foreign companies create over 8 million job opportunity to China people, most importantly, China had a low employment rate before multinational companies enter into China. Consequently, the international companies are benefited to developing economy to developing…show more content…
Even the international companies bring considerable economy growth to developing countries such as technology transfer and job opportunity. Nevertheless, the multinational corporations also bring problems to developing country like harm human right. However, it is believed that multinational companies bring advantages morn than disadvantages. The developing country should increase the economy in the short term because competed economy can enhance competitive strength in the world and ameliorate the life of developing country people such as using additional finance develops capital

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