Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

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The Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Have you ever heard about the atoms which are the smallest particles host one of the largest energy inside of it? At the center of each atom there are two types of particles, neutrons and protons that are held together. Nuclear energy is the energy which holds neutrons and protons and nuclear energy is used to produce electricity. There are about 500 nuclear power plants all around the world (Bodansky, 2004). Nuclear energy is most preferred kind of energy because it is one of the most clean and efficient energy obtaining methods. Despite, the groups of people who object to the nuclear energy plants, there are some advantages of having one of them especially when considering that nuclear power make the countries strategically strong (Conner, 2015). In this paper, I will argue that the advantages of nuclear energy plants. Firstly, I will mention economically effects of having nuclear energy plant, then environmentally contributes and lastly the impact on quality and prestige of the country.

In this paragraph I will argue that energy production from nuclear energy power station bring the people environmental security awareness. Firstly, to have one of the nuclear energy plant there are some written matters that should be recognized. One of them of these rules is international scientific
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Firstly, I have focused the environmental effects of having nuclear power plants. Secondly, I have discussed economically and lastly, I have focused on impact on quality and prestige as a country. Although, there are some risks of nuclear energy and the people who do not want this, with logical explanations and benefits, all bad sides can be disappear. For the clean, easily obtained, and fast energy, nuclear energy citations seem the most suitable way. Besides stronger countries and the extremely growing population, states have to take risks and keep up with the

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