Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Networking

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According to many researchers, there 's a risk in the internet and online networking. The idea that data is enough, that more data is enough, that you don 't need to think, you simply need to get more data gets exceptionally risky.


Actually, The Internet is one of the most essential tools in our life and it has a lot of benefits, it gives challenges, and you can used a lot of things through the internet , With e-mail you can receive messages, and contact with others and your messages will reached from everywhere like a letters.
It gives many types of knowledge including, social information, logical information, and scientific information. Nowadays the Internet is a basic and essential part of the life and no
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We can also try it out before spending our money.


The internet helps the world to communicate with each other:
Nowadays, the internet is too important for people; they can communicate with parents, friends and relatives
And they can attend others occasions when they were in the other half of the world with Skype with them, the person can also share his news on social media to tell everybody how he feels in this moment.
You can put points about you in your account so people can know who are you and what you like and how is the way you think about this world, that all just from your Facebook page.
And you can share a point of view about something that you like or you even hate.
So any person can send easily his opinion to the community and interacts with them about what he likes and what he wants.

Protect time:

Do meetings online:
We can save our time by do business meetings online

Shopping online:
By the Internet came means of comfort of the online shopping. instead to driving to the shopping center and wait to buy what you need, but , now with the technology you can shopping from your house also, the internet gives to the public chance to see the offers from their home and follow all the offers to get the best
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