Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy technicians: Advantages and Disadvantages A pharmacy technician works in pharmacy; they are responsible for receiving and filling customer 's prescriptions which is then reviewed by a pharmacist. These technicians are also in charge of cataloging prescription containers, attach price tags, track inventory, and offer customer service. Although technicians do not have the license to diagnose patients, technicians have the opportunity to get to know common medical ailments and treatments while working. If you are searching for a career that does not require intense education or preparations but still offers the stability and security of the pharmaceutical industry, then pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician is fitting for you. The Pharmacist technician is a reputable career, but every career has its pros and cons. So before deciding to go down this career path, it is vital to recognize both the advantages and disadvantages of pharmacy tech career. Advantages • Job opportunities in several Sectors One of the most favorable things about becoming a pharmacy technician is having flexible alternatives of working in different sectors. Job openings as a pharmacy tech are not restricted to medical fields alone. There are Job opportunities in hospitals, grocery stores, retail pharmacy, and nursing homes. Therefore the pliability which this profession presents makes it expedient for those who need a work-life balance. • Career Advancement and growth With the experience
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