Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastics

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After the invention of different methods for the polymers’ manufacturing, the industry of plastics developed significantly. Plastic has several essential advantages, such as light weight, durability, an available price compared with other materials and an ability to be easily molded (Andrady and Neal 2009). That is why plastics are progressively more used in many areas; for example, in packaging, transportation, medicine, sport, agriculture, electronics, building and construction. By controlling the temperature inside the package using oxygen scavenger technology and gas-flush packaging, it is possible to provide storage and secure of products (Andrady and Neal 2009). Therefore, plastics have a great contribution to the safety of water and food packaging, and subsequently to the consumers’ health. Water has become an essential issue in cities, and the storage and supply of clean water are often provided through plastics (Thompson et al. 2009). Moreover, plastic can be easily manufactured, and it is established in the various water distribution and control systems; for example, land drainage, storm water, irrigation and sewerage. This shows that plastic is a widely used building material of many useful items; nevertheless, plastic has some weaknesses. There are also problems…show more content…
There are three main types of plastics, which was recycled during the time period between 1997 and 2010. 4 million kg of high-density PE (HDPE) and about 2.5 million kg of polypropylene (PP) were recycled in 1997, whereas the amount of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was only 1.5 million kg. However, it can be noticed that the number of recycled polypropylene had been increased significantly by 2010; therefore, it reached 7.5 million kg. When it comes to other polymers, they have increased gradually. By this graph it can be understood that plastic recycling has been developed for 13

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