Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Print Media

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Advancement in technology leads to an easier life. People could already express themselves and relay news through social media. With social media, we could easily send messages via email or chat. We could communicate with other people wherever they may be in the globe and get the latest update of today’s news. Today’s generation, social and even professional interactions now depend on web-based content. Social networking has become an integral part of our lives, that even companies used it for their business. Social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and others, helped companies in promoting their businesses, attract customers and eventually gain connections. Among all of these platforms, Facebook ranked one as the most visited…show more content…
It includes loyal readership and availability. Also, print media covers brochures and leaflets. Advertisers use brochures when they feature more detailed information to the specific market that they are targeting. On the other hand, leaflets are used for short and catchy messages. (Lad, 2008). It is mentioned above that one of its advantages is loyal readership. This is due to the fact that magazines and newspapers are reliable sources of information, and so, this leads us to an idea that these materials have huge number of trusted followers. Also, newspapers and magazines are available and accessible in any stores in town. Although some loyal readers acquire magazines through monthly subscription, others purchase these materials from a nearby store or news stand. Moreover, the existence of brochures and leaflets adds to the positive side of using print media as a medium for advertising. Brochures are best when endorsing something that needs to be featured in full details. An example of this is advertising a particular hotel because the advertisers need to feature its accommodation and services in a very detailed manner. On the other hand, leaflets are best when advertisers are only conveying short information to their target market. A best example of this is when
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