Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Print Advertising

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Introduction: Advertising is important tool of marketing. Advertising is the paid form of communication that is used to persuade the receiver to take some action in the future. Many organizations spend lots of money every year to advertise their product via television, radio, internet, etc. According to (Small Business -, 2014), company advertises their products for different reasons. These are some reasons that are mention. The first reason is to increase sale and profits. Advertising allows company to create brand awareness of their products. When customers know it and satisfy their need and want, they will buy your product. In addition, some company advertises to make profits. For example, the TV commercial that shows that they are giving…show more content…
It is very important your graphic must be relevant to products or services that you are selling. According to Lad (2014), these are some advantages and disadvantages of print ads. Advantages of print ads are as follow: - Loyal Readership: every newspaper and magazine have royal reader. So, it is easier for advertise through these newspapers and magazines. - Targeting a specific geographical area: A print ad is best media to advertise if you are targeting a specific geographical area. - Choosing the size of advertisement space: you can choose size of print ad and this will help to estimate cost of advertisement. Disadvantages of print ads are as follow: - Print ads can be expensive if you choose to advertise on very popular newspaper and magazines. - The shelf life of print media is limited. Usually, people are interested in newspaper only for one day. - Print ad is not accessible at all time. This means you target audience will miss your message. Unlike print ad, people can access online ad at anytime and

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