Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Samsung

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One of their main focal points in the hardware department is their operating systems, especially their Android smartphone. This is a strength mainly because of how much market share they have been controlling over the past five years and how much it’s still growing. With IOS market share slowing down, Samsung’s Android could be the new face of the company. They also control the market share for televisions and hardware parts such memory cards, processors, etc., which is due to distinctiveness in engineering. To avoid high cost, Samsung has set up production plants in low cost countries. This allows the company to have low production cost, which leads to lower prices and larger margins. The company’s electronics have a lot of success in each market they sell in. Most of their products control the market share in their category of technology, which has benefits when it comes down to marketing contracts and cost margins. Despite Samsung’s success over the past decade, the company does have some characteristics that place the business at a disadvantage relative to others. Some of the disadvantages consist of their focus on too many industries, the magnitude of their competitors control on the market, patent infringement and too low of profit margins. All of these weaknesses limit Samsung from achieving market control.…show more content…
One of those rising markets is India for smartphones. Samsung has an active existence in India’s market and could use this opportunity to increase its smartphone sales if it diffuses into the market smoothly. They have to make sure that their advertisement strategy in this market correlates with ethical issues. By doing this, not only do they control the market share in a growing market, but they also develop and advertising platform for its mobile device. This would lead to high profit margins in India as well as in other countries that they implement this
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