Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized tests are tests designed to evaluate a student’s performance and as well as the teacher’s performance where these tests contain the same set or common questions which are taken by the students annually in the same way (The Johnson Center, n.d.). However, these tests may also vary depending on which of the student’s or school’s ability would they like to evaluate. Standardized tests are of different forms. There are tests intended to evaluate a student’s learning and academic progress¬—if a student was able to learn what he/she was supposed to learn¬—over a period of time. Such tests are called achievement tests where these can also be used to assess, not only the student, but also the effectiveness of the school and its teachers. Aptitude tests, on the other hand, are tests designed to foresee a student’s future endeavour—on how …show more content…

Standardized testing does not require much of an effort. These tests are checked by the computer thus, saving more time and since these tests are administered in the same manner, it would be easier for them to evaluate the test results because these tests have its own standards. These tests are also objective and are based by general-knowledge thus, making the test results unbiased and non-subjective. Educators will also be able to compare and evaluate a student’s progress over a period of time. These tests would show whether a student has performed well or not (OccupyTheory, 2014). Standardized testing may be able to save time and consume less effort but this is an unfair way of measuring one’s intellectual and academic capability. There are many factors—the student’s background, the external factors affecting him/her, the non-academic factors and the like—to be considered in evaluating such performances especially in the forming years of a child. Standardized tests may be unbiased but it is not the perfect yardstick for

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