The Importance Of Ultraviolet Rays

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The Sun lies at the center of our solar system. It is the most important star. It’s gravitational force is what holds our solar system together. It is the biggest source of energy on earth. But even such a useful and essential thing can harm us. The Sun emits UV rays that are harmful to our body. Most of the suns UV rays are blocked by the ozone layer in our atmosphere. The UV ray that do reach us can harm our skin and can give us sunburns. When our skin is pale and we sit out in the sun for long we are taking the risk of getting sunburned. When we get sunburned out skin become red, warm, painful. Our skin is made of different layers of cells. The outer layer is called the epidermis. Inside the epidermis the outermost layer is made of dead skin cells. The deeper layers are made out of living cells that keep on producing dead cells to replace in the outermost layer. When we are sunburned, the Ultraviolet rays harm the inner layer of living cells in the epidermis. These Ultraviolet rays can hurt our skin. Ultraviolet rays cause damage to the human cells by breaking the DNA stored in them. A cell can repair itself from minor…show more content…
The most important benefit of using sunscreen is prevention of sunburn. Sunscreen allows people to be out in the sun for long periods of time with a low risk of getting sunburned and therefore prevents the skin's’ reaction to excessive uv rays exposure. From a social perspective the use of sunscreen use allows people to socialise in the sun without risk. Another long term benefit is that preventing sunburn helps prevent skin cancer. If we look at this benefit from a social point of view we can see multiple social aspects. One social aspects is that it prevents suffering when people get cancers like melanoma and need treatment or might die. Another aspect is that by preventing disease and death sunscreen enables society to invest money on other important

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