Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of The European Union

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Half a century already, the European Union was working on projects with which has pursued ever deeper integration politics and systems during taking and connecting with the new members This processes were developing in parallel. From the beginning the process of increasing in the membership has been a part of the project of the European Union and its integration. This integration brought a lot of advantages to all Europeans and as the most valuable advantages are stability, prosperity, democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. These advantages are not only abstract but they can be really noticed with the increasing process of the Union. The quality of the life has rapidly changed, better life can be noticed and also…show more content…
Very big part of the manufactured stuffs and products that are selling in Europe are produced in Turkey. They are also producers of food and clothes, so their economy is good ranked which is one of the criteria that have to be completed. These reasons can be advantages for the integration on Turkey in the EU. Disadvantages -From the other hand, Turkey has very big population and a little bit closed mentality still that cannot be easily accepted from the European powers like Germany and France. There are countries that are supporting Turkey and countries that are against turkey to be part of the EU. The supporters are putting accent on the developed economy in this country and they think that Turkey is good geostrategic player. -The location of this country is disadvantage and also maybe one of the biggest reasons why Turkey cannot be part of EU. That is like that because the European Union is formed for the European countries and not for the countries that are out of Europe. -As disadvantages of the membership of Turkey is also that, that Turkey is not respecting the rules for the liberal democracy and freedom of
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