Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Smartphones

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One of the advantages of allowing employees to use their smartphones for work is by keeping them organized. For instance, smartphone can be used as an automatic reminder and personal organizer.
Other than that, flexibility is another advantage of using smartphone during working hours. The employees can use their smartphones to jot down notes or review and edit appointment dates. They can easily do their work anywhere at anytime.
The third advantage of allowing employees to use their personal smartphones for work is faster communication. Nowadays, it is easier to access e-mail and information. Furthermore, it is easily to communicate with each other at the same time via video conference.
Other than that, employees who are using
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Internet can be accessed through data package or wifi by smartphones. Therefore, the internet access on an insecure network can have the risk of theft identity and hacked accounts.
Another disadvantage is the processor will become slow if too much applications are being installed in the smartphone. Furthermore, it can be easily hang and damaged.
2. What management, organization, and technology factors should be addressed when deciding whether to allow employees to use their personal smartphones for work?

Companies need to find out effective alternatives to keep track on all the employees’ devices if they are allowed to work with more than one type of mobile device and operating system. Therefore, the company need to ensure their workers are still able to maintain the level of productivity. The firm needs an efficient and effective inventory management system that can keep track of which devices that employees are using.

The organization needs to integrate mobile devices to corporate its strategy company. Therefore, company needs to be extra careful in order to examine their business process. This will determine whether or not mobility makes sense for
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