Composite Materials Essay

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The merits of composites over their ordinary materials are the capacity to meet assorted outline necessities with noteworthy weight savings and additionally Strength-to-weight proportion. Some advantages of composite materials over conventional ones are as follows:
1. Tensile strength of composites is four to six times more than that of steel or aluminium (based on the reinforcements).
2. Enhanced torsional, solidness impact resistance. Better fatigue resistance limit up to 60% of ultimate tensile strength. 30% - 40% lighter i.e. any specific aluminium structures intended to the same practical necessities. Lesser embedded energy as compared to other structural metallic materials like steel, aluminium etc.
3. The Composites make less noise while in operation and enable lower vibration transmission than metals. Composites are more versatile as compared with metals and possibly tailored to meet performance needs and complicated design requirements.
4. Durable and enable excellent fatigue, impact, environmental resistance and minimum maintenance.
5. Composites entail reduced life cycle cost as compared to metals. Composite material offer excellent corrosion resistance and
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It is likewise used to fortify different materials, for example, tent shafts, post vault posts, bolts, bows and crossbows, material boards, car bodies, sticks, surfboards, vessel bodies, and paper honeycomb. It has been utilized for therapeutic purposes as a part of throws. Glass fiber is widely utilized for making FRP tanks and vessels. Open-weave glass fiber frameworks are utilized to fortify black-top asphalt. Non-woven glass fiber/polymer mix mats are utilized soaked with black-top emulsion and overlaid with black-top, creating a waterproof, split safe layer. Utilization of glass-fiber fortified polymer bar

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