Essay On Advantages Of Internet In Education

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When probing the goals of the EFL teaching, one will presently detect that the use of the Internet can be a utilitarian aid in accomplishing these objectives. If one considers , for example , the American Standards for Foreign Language Learning ( National Standards in Foreign Language Learning Project, 1996; see Appendix C) , one will realize that there is a focus on language, communication, and culture that makes the application of authentic materials increasingly important. Moreover, in this context teachers are looking for better ways of providing experiences that will ameliorate their students’ knowledge and skills in these target areas( Leloup&Ponterio, 1998).
As Leloup&Ponterio( 1996) point out, by using the Internet “several activities
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Organisation The Internet is a living thing. It is ‘dynamic, open –ended, unconstrained’ ibid .This implies that there are endless possibilities for using it. The Internet has vast resources for language teachers which can be accessed through various and constantly improving search tools.
Not much technical knowledge is necessary to browse theWeb, for instance. Web browsers are incessantly improving and getting user- friendlier. So not much effort will have to be put into learning to use the Internet. Moreover, if any one has a problem, he or she can ask other users for help. Most of the Internet services and the information found on it have been contributed on an entirely voluntary basis and this co-operative ethos can be very helpful to new users. Experienced users are generally willing to help others who are just starting out.
Another advantage is that users can participateactively. Besides reading, looking at graphics, listening to audio files and other receptive activities, several Internet facilities, such e-mail, Internet Relay Chat and newsgroups, offer the possibility of

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