Essay On Advantages Of Iot In Education

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Benefits of IoT in Education 1. Global networking among students and educators Students can now interact with peers, mentors and educators, worldwide using connected devices such as digital highlighters and interactive boards, while sitting in the comfort of their homes or classroom. Digital scanners aid the learning experience by digitally transferring text to smartphones. Similarly, interactive boards simplify and accelerate learning by receiving, acknowledging and reciprocating information 2. Enhancement of Books Quick Response (QR) codes have made their way in school textbooks. Feedbacks, assignments and additional knowledge resources become easily available to students when they scan the QR codes with their smartphones. 3. Easier data…show more content…
It would allow them to automate tasks that would require considerable time and efforts when performed manually. For examples connected devices can detect students presence in the school and eliminate the needs for taking the attendance manually and submitting the information at a central office. The internet of things helps reduce energy costs by monitoring energy usage. Drawbacks of IoT in Education 1) Complexity The IoT consists of multiple technologies whose architectures are different than one another. This makes IoT network a very complex system. Due to this fact, failure in the IoT network may lead to more time for restoration of the service to institutions. This may require skilled workers requiring knowledge of multiple technologies. Hence IoT service provider should pay high to hire and retain such employees. 2) Security and Privacy The hardest part or the main challenge of IoT in education alliance would be a matter of security and privacy. Of course, data collection is an inevitable element of this collaboration. A huge number of educational traits are being collected here – including a students learning history, location and a no. of personal details. So the security-privacy about IoT in educations are among the key issues that need to address

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