Essay On Advertising Against Fast Food

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The amount of obese teenagers have increased gradually the past year due to excessive fast food.(Waldorf,2016) Many teenagers think that these food have the nutrients they need but it does not. Many doctors have stated that those fast food restaurants have bas nutrients and does not benefit your health. If advertisements of fast food restaurants have be banned to reduce the amount of teenagers who are obese due to that decreases. While some people claim that advertising for fast food restaurants should be banned to reduce the amount of obese, others disagree. This paper argues that advertising for fast food restaurants should be banned to reduce obesity for two major reasons:try healthier options and less temptation to eat junk food.

A major reason why the advertising for fast food should be banned to reduce fast food is to try healthier options. If many human beings change their eating habits to healthier ones then almost half of the amount would decrease. A nutrientest has stated that almost 75 percent of people who have changed their
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As human beings, we do what we think is right for us even though it is not. A research conducted had stated that almost 90 percent of human beings eat what they see on television. (Johnson,2016) What is said is true because most human beings tend to not think before doing any action, so if every person is eating what they see on television then everyone will be obese and die at young age. A story written by a mother of a young girl saying that her first asked for Hardees was after watching an commercial for it when we were in the car and passed by it. After that she asked for it everyday, but she would not allow her to eat it every single day. (Grace, 2017) In other words, if less infomercials of fast food are published then people would be less tempted to eat it because it would not be opened much to the the
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