Essay On Advertising Lying

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Advertisements can be found almost everywhere today and can be in any kind of form. They can be presented in the form of a video on television, a pop-up ad on your computer, etc. An advertisement is a way of promoting a product, service, event, etc. With all of these advertisements we tend to note pay any attention to them and disregard them. An advertisement needs to be able grab our attention in order to be successful. But in doing so, are these advertisements lying in order to grab our attention or perhaps even lying about the product or service itself? It all depends on what we perceive lying to be and how we define it. We need to define what lying and advertising are in order to answer the question “is advertising lying?”. It is clear…show more content…
Often times in advertising false statements are used to help promote the product or service they are trying to sell. Most of the time we do not recognize these false statements because it is done in such a manner that we often times believe the lies we’re being told. For example a well-known celebrity claims that you can get better sleep by wearing the clothes they wear. Then they back it up with some medical background coming from doctors to defend the claim further. Since all of this is coming from people who we believe to be reputable we tend to fall for the lie. This is quite common in advertising and now we know that the celebrities and people talking about the product are paid to say what they’re told. This can easily be defined as lying because they are intentionally providing false statements to attract people. People can argue that there are laws to prevent false advertising so this cannot happen. Just because there are laws that say you can’t do something does not mean everyone is going to follow those rules. There are ways to twist and bend the laws and still get away with lying to the people. They may not be able to get away with lies as easily but they can still lie nonetheless. It’s only considered false advertising if you get
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