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The science in the aerodynamics of footballs and how they are affected by the air pressure of the football happened in a actual football game. It was during a championship game in the NFL playoffs when the New England Patriots were playing the Indianapolis Colts. When you deflate a football, it usually makes the ball heavier and harder to throw. When you pump up the football, it makes it lighter and easier to throw. The quarterback of the Patriots tried to convince the referees that the colder you get a football, the more deflated it will be. The football during the game was at 11 psi other than the normal 13 psi. According to Fox News, for every 60 degrees fahrenheit, the football will raise or drop 15 percent of the psi which would be 2psi. Since they played in 50 degrees fahrenheit temperature, the football would have to have been in 110 degree temperature which would be insane.
Aerodynamics means “air in motion.” It is a large field of fluid that has something with motion in the air with other gases and fluids. It is a large body of air with things moving through it. Planes, helicopters, drones, and things that fly would be impossible to fly without aerodynamics.The word aerodynamics was not documented until 1837. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, conceived that air has weight and when an objects moves
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They say that if the ball is thrown at a particular way, it can fly the same way as the football at the same air pressure. There is a thin layer called a “boundary layer” which causes what way the football will fly. The football’s roughness will determine the flight of the football. The football is shaped with a pointed nose so it can fly better than a round ball. When the quarterback throws the football, and the football thrown is not flying in a spiral, than it is harder for the defense to read so there will be a smaller chance for the football to be picked
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