Essay On Aesthetic Art Of Nursing

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Introduction The aesthetic principle of nursing is respect for life, dignity, and rights of the patient. Aesthetical responsibilities of nurses in the process of working with the patient are a certain set of actions for the unconditional implementation. For example, respect for the patient and their right to self-determination, the identification of the will of anything, the promise to do no harm, to keep the word, and to cooperate with the patient. A patient is a person who needs nursing care and gets it. Patients may be of different sex, age, nationality, profession, social status, and health status. However, they all deserve respect, attention, and compassion. The nurse should cooperate with the patient to find the solution to the health problems. The combination of creative knowledge of the nurse together with the maintenance of the patient is the aesthetic knowing. The means of transformative acts support the issue of aesthetics in nursing. The primary…show more content…
It is not just the science; it is a combination of the experience and knowledge of the nurse. The art of being a nurse is to apply knowledge from different research areas to provide the patient with the highest level of support when you are in a medical facility. The current understanding of knowledge and experience could change the idea of how nurses might know their patients. The art of nursing includes the valuation of human presence, showing respect for differing opinions and connection to the client. Nurse actions are based on human experience, which formation happens due to the aesthetic qualities. Its characteristics come through the special beauty in the patient-nurse. This issue determines the overall beauty of human nature and makes people focus on the aspect. The art of patient care extends the understanding of the world. Moreover, it causes a sense of aesthetics, which strengthens human bonds and
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