Essay On Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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The Reasons of Having Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, women pay attention about their beauty more than used to be. Actually, women are paired with the beauty, especially women in the big cities, they always compare their appearances with other people, and this reason brings them to have aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition, the social value is one of reasons to have it, too. In my point of view, there are three motivations that people have aesthetic plastic surgery: the pressure from the others, the requirement to be better looking, and want to change their lives. First of all, the pressure from other people makes them be in the inferiority complex. For example, the unattractive girls are always teased from others because their appearances, so it is a cause of lack confidence of them, and bring them about the ways to have aesthetic plastic surgery. Moreover, the difference from other people in the family is the determinant of it as well.
For instance, if in a family that have three children and one of them is unsightly but other siblings are good looking, exactly he/she will be lack confidence and feel like that he/she is different from
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At the present time, nobody denies that beauty is the first thing and makes impression to the watchers. According to Chulalongkorn University’s poll said that people always look at appearance of each other for 75%.In other words, beauty are comparison and contention. Additionally, social value is one of impulsions, which mean that people pay attention to the beauty; thus, it motivates them to struggle for having cosmetic plastic surgery to be accepted from others in the society. Nevertheless, personal characteristics are also important because beauty on people’s appearances do not display their virtue and their mind; consequently, beauty is in the eye of the
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