Essay On Affordable Housing

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“The standard of 'affordable' housing costs roughly 30 percent or less of a family's income. Because of rising housing costs and stagnant wages, slightly more than half of all poor renting and buying families in the country spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing costs, and at least one in four spends more than 70 percent (Mathew desemond).” In columbus more than fifty percent of low income famlies spend more than half of their paycheck on just their house alone. As americans spend more and more money on houses they have less income to spend on other important nesessitys like food and personal care. As housing in american begins to increase so does the rate of people that are being kicked out of their homes and are being forced to become homeless. Affordable housing has multiple aspects that consists of the city you live in and your income. The city that you live in effects the rent or buying price that is asked for during the home buying experience. The city or state that you are located in effects housng costs due to your location and the climate.…show more content…
Some will say that the home buying process is very biased. The home buying process makes low income famlies get very little for the money that they are spending while high income famlies get the houses they want. Many home buyers or renters are being forcibly kicked out of there homes because renting and buying prces are gong up. They are being forced to eave because the home builders want to tear dow there homes. This is a problem because people hav no where to go. With no homes more people and their amlies are forced to take on multiple jobs hust to pay forsomething so little. The american population is pushed into expensive houses because that is all that is left. With more and more homes being teared down everyday people have nowhere else to turn to and have to turn to the
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