Essay On Afghanistan Peace

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Some people think that may be a time will come when there will be absolute peace in this world. But according to me it will never be possible. As in this world every country is struggling to gain power, trying to oppress the less powerful and under developed states. Moreover according to Thomas Hobbes there is a conflict in human nature, he can never create peace and he always fights for power.
Afghanistan is the best example in this context that world peace is an impossible dream. This country has been at war for about 40 years and still it is facing severe conflicts. It is still not at peace. For centuries, it has been an unstable place. Afghanistan was established as an independent state in the early 1900s and all the foreign burdens were removed.
The war in Afghanistan started on 27 April 1978, when the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) took power in a military overthrow, known as the Saur Revolution. A large portion of Afghanistan therefore experienced uprisings against the PDPA government. The Soviet war in Afghanistan started in
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The Taliban got to be infamous globally for its strategies for ladies, which included obliging ladies to wear a burqa and banning them from leaving the home without a male relative. Ladies were not allowed to work, or to be educated, after the age of eight. The individuals who did not follow the laws authorized by the police were subjected to open beatings and executions. Numerous Pakistani nationals joined the Taliban to fight against the United Front's powers while Osama bin Laden support Taliban. Bin Laden had been involved in the Soviet War, giving cash to various volunteer army groups to battle the Soviet powers. He came back to Afghanistan in
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