Essay On African American Culture

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In conclusion, after being brought to the Western hemisphere as slaves, African-Americans have made major strides to solidify themselves as equal and no second-class citizens. For years, they have been denied and limited to the rights of economic, social, and political advances within the very country that they have created. With their advances and creations of subculture and modern-day technologies, Blacks have been considered the epitome of making long-lasting contributions for Western culture and history that would transcend a lifetime. It is unfortunate that even till this day, Blacks are not privy to some of the same advantages as their white counterparts. They are seen as a subculture. With many people trying to take and recreate what they have stolen from Black culture, many African-Americans find themselves trying to assimilate and fit into a culture that was never built nor made for them. With these two dichotomies, the failure of the African-American existence will continue until collectively, a revolution will be made to explain to others that we are Black and we are unapologetic about it.…show more content…
I feel that it is important to educate and uplift the community, which hopefully, in return, will make them more self-sufficient and resilient than ever before. With this momentum, I plan to educate and advocate with them to make more sound decisions that will help them in the long run; for generations to come. I believe that African-American/Black culture is such a unique culture and an important culture to American culture, as we know it today. Its culture and the people within it should be treated as such and granted the same opportunities and choices as
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