Essay On African American Hair Styles

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Most women love the idea of long, lustrous locks. Maybe it 's fair to blame it on evolution or all those Disney princesses, but women (and men) are naturally drawn to hair that 's beautiful, shiny, healthy and really long. From a evolutionary standpoint, long hair often represents fertility, health, youth, femininity, sex appeal and beauty. With all of these factors considered, it 's no wonder why some women will do almost anything to achieve some lengthy tresses. For many African American women, it has certainly been a learning curve to understand how to grow their hair long. There are many African American women with very naturally curly and beautiful textures. While the hair is gorgeous, curly and coily, it is usually highly sensitive and requires a specific regiment in order to achieve and maintain length.

It 's been a little over ten years since African American women starting putting their heads together and realizing there was a way to achieve long, healthy hair with a certain amount of tactics to consider. One of those ways involves the use of protective styling. Protective styling is any style where the ends are tucked away such as buns, braids, twists and weaves. Thankfully, many
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Ever since many African-American women made the jump and switched to sleeping on satin pillowcases with satin bonnets, finger detangling and protecting their hair in styles that require brazilian body wave and other types of hair extensions, they 've seen hair growth goals achieved and surpassed.

One of the styles many women love to rock involve the classic hair extensions. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find a really great brazilian hair bundle deals. After purchasing the hair, many women wash, deep condition and moisturize their hair thoroughly. They then braid it into beehive style and sew in the weave extensions. For a beautifully sleek and voluminous style, consider taking advantage of the brazilian hair and the great rates offered while protecting the hair
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