Essay On African American Injustice

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I swear, I fucking hate how most white people don’t care about black injustice. Malcolm X once said “if you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything”. It 's so disgusting to me how they’re just gonna record it, then post it later on social media. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People say “all lives matter”, But you don’t see white people dying every damn day. All I see are innocent black people getting beat to death, murdered, and still no justice is seen anywhere for these innocent people. Families have lost loved ones and they can’t even get justice. It’s so disappointing to me. I feel this topic is strong because I don’t see enough justice for black people. All of these families have to go through so much grief. Just because of these racist cops. Always trying to say, “he or she resisted arrest.” Or, “I was defending myself.” To me, that’s a bunch of bullshit. I’m actually starting to think that the 21st century police are the K.K.K. It’s not all police officers, some police actually serve the law, as well the people no matter the complexion. What type of sense does it makes to kill a…show more content…
Plus I wanted to investigate deeper into African American injustice. Also, I wanted to learn why black people don’t get lour rights. Why do they think they can do this to our fellow black people? But as soon as a black man kills a white man, he’s put on the death penalty. Or a bunch of cops literally gang up on him until he 's dead. Either way he still ends up dead, which is horrible. Why is it bad kneel during the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick has his right to stand up for his people. But when a black man asks for help and gets killed, they have a bunch excuses, which is some bull shit to me. It’s so irritating, and it pisses me off in all types of ways. Why can’t we get our justice? You don’t see white people dying everyday. It’s my fellow brothers or sisters. Black lives matter not all
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