Essay On African Americans After Civil War

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Post Civil War, African Americans started to gain rights to gain rights, and soon gain rights equal to whites. While there were some people/things standing in their way (KKK, Black Codes), in the end they got what they needed; Equality. Many acts and laws were passed to aid the new rights now held by African Americans, as well as the numerous people willing to help. New Amendments were added to give African Americans rights after the war, all giving them some equal rights to whites. The first of the three added was the Thirteenth Amendment, it gave African Americans freedom from slave owners, and stated that no one could be kept as a slave in the U.S.. The next of the three is the Fourteenth Amendment, it made it so anyone born in the U.S. is a U.S. citizen, making it so states cannot take away one’s right, as well as giving all people equal protection of the laws. The …show more content…

The Civil Rights act of 1866 was also supposed to give newly freed African Americans most equal rights as whites. The other Civil Rights act (Civil Rights act of 1875) attempted to give African Americans equal accommodation rights, as well as trying to make racial profiling illegal and an arrestable crime. The Civil Rights acts made an attempt to give African Americans a lot of rights on par with whites. Lastly, the Bureau of Refugees was also created in order to aid the rights the African Americans now held. It was created in 1865 to aid slave and freeman migration from the South to the North. Along with the helping of migration, it also helped establish many schools for African Americans, and even two universities, Howard Institute and Howard University. The Bureau of Refugees also introduced a free labor system for the now free slaves. The Bureau of Refugees was a amongst the fundamentals for the road to equal rights for African

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