Essay On African Americans During The Civil War

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African Americans who in the South fought for their freedom and also in rebellious ways. Blacks were promised their freedom if they served in the war against the Confederate and the Union. During the war there were many killed and some survived. Those whose survived from the war was not granted their freedom like their master 's promised them. Because their freedom was not granted as should, back began to rebel and try to enforce harm against their owners. -How did the South change its ideas about black military service over the course of the war? Civil War black officers were excited to enroll in the Union Army. They were on edge to join the battle against subjugation and they trusted that military administration would permit them to be viewed as equivalents and demonstrate their entitlement to correspondence.Albeit African Americans had battled with unique excellence in the American Revolution and the War of 1812, numerous in the North scrutinized the teach and battling capacities of African Americans. President Abraham Lincoln, worried about hurting the confidence of white warriors and estranging slaveholding fringe states, at first opposed requests to permit dark battle…show more content…
They ere considers as useless individuals. African American were forever underestimated during this time period. Also, they paid lower wages than white troops. They were given the bare minimum, while Caucasian troops were paid top dollars. -What does this tell you about the South? The people of the South was very cruel and wicked. They lied to African Americans just to take advantage of them. When blacks finally realized what they were doing they began to rebel. This caused the blacks to labeled as "endangered species". For example, if you were to mistreat a vicious dog they are going to act in such a way as
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