Essay On African Americans In Prison

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What is prison? Most people would simply say that it is a place in which law breakers are housed. Some would say it is the place in which people are contained whom have killed someone, robbed someone, sold drugs to someone, or rape/molested someone. I, myself see as place in which was built to house individuals who have been found guilty of committing a crime, but I also can see that it seems to house a certain race group more than any other racial group in American society. And, the group that I speak of is that of African American (i.e. Blacks) decent. Why is this? Many have found that racism and the prison industrial complex are the beacons that have caused this fracture to coexist.
Strangely enough, I can relate to this issue in the prison system. Being an African American woman, I have heard stories and seen with my own eyes of the past treatment of blacks from the days of
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In the history books, one can see that even though slaves were granted freedom, they still were not entirely free. America’s government and industries found a way to keep Blacks from progressing, doing the work of a slave, and providing themselves and society economic advancements. They developed laws and a prison system that would keep Blacks under their control.
Consequently, due to this development people have wondered how this issue can be resolve. As a result, there have been numerous papers and researches that show ways in which this could come into actuality. Subsequently, I feel that these are the ones that will work the best. First, there could be the development of more initiatives programs. These programs can provide the judicial system and the government a decrease in the amount of money that is costing society to house, to take care of medically, to feed, and cloth prisoners, as well decrease in the amount of people who are going to prison for minor crimes. For example, like the initiative program
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