Short Summary: The African Lion

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The African lion ( Panthera leo ) is a mammal carnivore belonging to the family of felines . It is called the king of animals , reference to his mane likened to a crown. This great predator of nearly 250 kg on his reign unchallenged territory. Under his indolent air, the African lion is a fierce warrior values its prerogatives and his clan. His only enemy is man.

African Lion (Panthera leo)
African Lion ( Panthera leo )
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The lion belongs to the family Felidae . Its weight varies between 150 and 260 kg. It measures 1.72 2.50 m. Its measurement tail, meanwhile, between 60 and 100 cm.

The male lion is distinguished by a broad face, rounded ears and a small neck. His mane is usually silver-gray
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These dimensions depend on the population density of prey (on average three to four thousand lions for herbivores ).

The lions reproduce all year, however, many births take place in the fall or winter. The period of gestation of the lioness is 3 and a half months. To put down , she retired to a secluded corner. Less than half of the cubs reach adulthood. Indeed, when they are still small, they are prey easy for hyenas taking advantage of the absence of their mother party hunt to eat one.

The introduction of the young lions in the group, after 10 weeks it improves social relations: the males are more tolerant and females can share the burden of breastfeeding. Although the group movements are restricted, they are becoming longer. So young people learn about their territory for the next 18 months and they will learn to become skilled hunters.

When small grow, tensions back: mothers can breed again and old males chase the young cubs become potential rivals. They are adults at the age of 6 years. They can then claim to the estate of a man too old to defend his
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During the day, they remain near water and salt ponds cubes. At night, their territory is used for hunting.

This beautiful cat lives in band. This usually consists of one male to ten females, but sometimes we find bands composed of three males to fifteen females over their young.

male lion at the zoo in Lyon male lion at the zoo in Lyon


According to the current classification, ITIS recognizes eleven subspecies distinct
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