Essay On Age Of Enlightenment

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Age of enlightenment vs life today
There are various eras that have been in existence since the beginning of the world. One of these famous eras is the age of enlightenment also referred to as the age of reason or simply the enlightenment. Age of enlightenment refers to the time that guided intellectual movements known as The Enlightenment. We can say that in the world today, there still exists some form of enlightenment that is going on. The enlightenment today comes from a new practices and understandings that have been embraced in the social sector. There are some similarities and differences between the age of enlightenment and the life today. The paper will look at how these two compare in terms of their similarities and differences. From the comparison, there can be
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According to Emmanuel Kant, enlightenment refers to being free to use an individual’s intelligence (Kristic, 312). The Enlightenment broke through an existing sacred circle that had influenced the thinking of people. The sacred circle, in this case, refers to the existing independent relationship between church leaders and texts found in the Bible. The enlightenment is also a source of important ideas like the centrality of freedom, reasons for main values of the society and democracy as opposed to the rights held by traditions and kings as the authority that rules. According to these views, establishing the contractual basis of rights would result in capitalism and market mechanism, religious tolerance, scientific methods and the organization of different states into their self-governing republics by democratic means. The motto of the age of enlightenment entails the ability to show enough courage hence enabling one to use their ability to reason (Gembruch,
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