Essay On Agencies Involved With Safeguarding Children

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Agencies involved with safeguarding children and young people Roles and Responsibilities Education service All members of staff within schools have the responsibility to take care of the children in order to keep them away from harm. Within my work setting there are 3 named members of staff who all have particular responsibilities in order to safeguard children and to deal with any issues that members of staff may have. Members of staff within schools have the responsibility to develop children 's awareness and their knowledge on what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is not acceptable. It is important that we recognise those who are known as being at a greater risk and help them by giving them support and protecting them. All schools must have policies…show more content…
It is important that they work with children 's parents and other agencies who are involved in order to gather all of the information about the child and their family so that they can keep on safeguarding the child. If a child is thought to be at risk the children 's social care have specific responsibilities in order to investigate and decide whether or not action needs to take place in order to keep children out of harms way. It is important that social workers carry out an assessment on children who are thought to be at risk in order to find out what the child 's needs are, the ability of the child 's parents to meet their needs and the family and environmental factors. It is important that they communicate with other agencies that are involved with the child and their family in order to find out other sorts of information from them that they may have some how missed out on. Social workers are expected to take immediate action if they fear that a child is under some sort of danger and not wait for other authorities to take action as it may be
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