Essay On Aging In China

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Analytical Essay
These years, the situation of aging society is often mentioned in China as it has grown to a critical status. Ever since the People’s Republic of China was founded, China has been developing rapidly in every area. With the increasing health care coverage, national access to vaccination and improvement in living standards, the life expectancy is dramatically increasing, and the mortality at birth as well as the mortality at 5 years old are dropping, too. Moreover, with the world famous “One Child Policy”, the population growth of young people has been limited, which further promotes the proportion of older adults. As a result, China is an aging society at present. To release its negative effect, China abolished the One-child Policy this year, trying to bring up the birth rate. In fact, aging society is frequently referred to as a threat to China. When TV shows and news talk about aging society, the decrease in demographic dividend, the significant cost of tax income of supporting old adults and how expensive it would be for young people with the skyrocketing prices would be mentioned, which may lead people to believe that it is the population of elderly here to be blamed, but actually, that is not the truth.

In fact, the situation of aging society has been successfully handled in many other countries such as
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This may be the reasons why older adults in remote areas may choose to die to reduce their children’s preissure as they can no longer create anything for their families. However, allowing people to have two children cannot change the maltreatment and erroneous views towards older adults, but may worsen the situation of their being discriminated, but if the pension coverage can be expanded, older adults may not be considered as burden but
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