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Agriculture is the major contributor to Ethiopian economy and the main source of livelihood for a significant proportion of the population. The sector is dominated by smallholder farming systems. Ethiopian agriculture is prone to various weather related shocks and stressors such as rainfall variability, drought and disease and pest incidences \citep{Teklewold2013a}. Consequently, the sector is characterized by low productivity. Besides erratic and unreliable rainfall, the inefficient use of agricultural resources and unsustainable farming practices that lead to soil degradation are main drivers of low agricultural production and productivity. Low agricultural productivity, coupled with erratic rainfall, frequent severe droughts, land degradation,…show more content…
CA is one of the numerous agricultural development activities which received greater attention in Ethiopia to address issues related to climate change and land degradation, and to contribute to improved crop productivity while preserving the underlying natural resource base \citep{Marenya2015, Jirata2016}. Various projects and programs including the Sustainable Land Management Programmes (SLMP1 and SLMP2), Managing Environmental Resources to Enable Transitions to more Sustainable Livelihoods (MERET), Productive Safety Nets Programme-Public Works (PSNP-PW) have been part of sustainable land management and climate change adaptation activities in Ethiopia \citep{Jirata2016}. A notable example is the SLMP2 which consists of sustainable land management and intensification techniques such as mulching, intercropping or crop rotation, and no-till. Implementation of this program contributed to an increase in crop production and

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