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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to soar, unburdened by bumps, and cracks in the ground? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird, floating along in the wind, free from all restraints below? Flight is a freedom given to birds by nature and to humans by science, and it is a feeling unlike any other. However, this freedom cost more for humans and needs more effort. It has never been as easy for humanity to take off in an aircraft as it was for the birds to fly. When you get on an airplane as a passenger; you read magazine, watch movies, listen to songs and even take naps, while being assured that the pilot will land you safe to your destination.However how you wondered how a pilot gets ready to take off an aircraft? Or, what small mistake can simply put your life in danger and put an unwanted stop to your nap, movie or you reading the magazine? The following steps are a necessary demand for a safe flight in the aviation world.
The first thing a pilot needs to do before any flight is stop using alcohol, and tobacco 24 hours before flight. Using any kind of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco can affect pilot’s vision and her/his reaction time. Alcohol causes Histotoxic Hypoxia,
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However, not every preflight is done by the pilot. Sometimes there are maintenance who do the prefligth, yet it is very important for the pilot to be sure that the aircraft being flown does not have any technical problems that may be encountered with the flight. In a preflight, all functioning parts of the aircraft are checked for the proper function during the flight. This is also an opportunity to clean the aircraft from birds that may like making nests for themselves in the external part of the aircraft, especially the engine. If this is not caught during the preflight, and before pilot starts the engine, it will cause the engine to stop working. If this happens there is no guarantee of even starting a safe

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