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Did you know that there are places in the world that are so polluted, that you can hardly see in front of you? One of those places is Delhi India, the air there is toxic to breathe in and could possibly kill you. Breathing in the air is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day according to Vox’s “ How Delhi Became the Most Polluted City in the World”. The air is filled with smog making it hard to see causing car crashes, and trains to be delayed or canceled. United airlines stopped having flights to India’s capital because of the poor air quality. There are other places in the world just like Delhi. If nothing is done to stop the pollution that happens every day the area that you live in could end up like Delhi. This research paper will discuss the history of pollution, the effects of using Alternative energy and the effects of not using it, and solutions in the form of alternative energy. Humans have been polluting the Earth as far back as 2100 years ago. This was found by a group of 15 scientists from the Netherlands. They found chemical signatures of Methane in ice samples that date back to 2100 years ago(“Air Pollution Has Been a Problem Since the Days of Ancient Rome.” Smithsonian). This methane gas has “implicated climate change because of emissions from landfills, large-scale cattle ranching, natural gas pipeline leaks and land-clearing fires” according to Stromberg Joseph(“Air Pollution Has Been a Problem Since the Days of Ancient Rome.” Smithsonian). These ice

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