Essay On Air Pollution In Liberia

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Liberia Air Pollution Introduction Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, is so congested due to its size coupled with enormous influx of people from neighboring country, based on that, the correlation between the environment and living in another city’s is very different from that of Monrovia. This has resulted to an ongoing struggle to protect air quality, Liberia as a third world country has not embodied strategic environmental regulation policies to curb the increasing rate of air pollution. Outdoor air pollution has exposed the people of Liberia to gravious environmental and public health deficiencies i.e. respiratory disorders, cancers, etc. Air pollutants in My Community and the Possible Causes of Air Pollution Air pollution has become a problem in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia due to garbage burning. In every corner, most especially in the capital city suburb of Paynesville, Heaps of household along with industrial rubbish are piled up in Monrovia, and are not always being collected by the companies…show more content…
Vast majority of these companies burned fossils fuels to generate energy for their business operation on daily basis. Also due to the country ill economy, countless Liberians that reside in the rural regions engaged in excessive burning of gigantic amount of coal and oil for their various homes. And besides, air pollutions through transportation is another major issues that needs to be focus on when addressing air pollution, because when too many carbon dioxides and other greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere has a negative effect on the air quality. Additionally, the whole populations of Monrovia are undergoing serious threat from health hazards because of immense ejection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from automobiles, as well as small power-generating engines, and other various

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