Essay On Air Pollution In Malaysia

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Malaysia has developed tremendously in globalised level with a growing population of approximately 30 million people. This results in the increase in industrial areas, residential areas and amount of vehicles in Malaysia. Economically this development has brought prosperity to our country but adversely this has affected our air quality by increasing the toxic gas concentration in the ambient air in Malaysia. Based on the journal titled Economics of Air Pollution in Malaysia, every 1% increase in human population will increase 1.42% in carbon monoxide emission. We will see the emission pattern of toxic gas especially carbon dioxide over the years, the effects of air pollution and the methods to overcome this problem. Transportation plays a vital role in our daily bases. However transportation is one of the greatest contributors to air pollution and the largest contributor to the air pollution are motorcycles and motorcars. Combustion engine vehicles such as…show more content…
Developers have been clearing lands to build infrastructure that accommodate the growing population and modernization of the country. Due to the high costing in producing sustainable energy using renewable source, the party that responsible for the air pollution is ignorant to the environmental effects, eventually the community are baring the consequences of their actions. Malaysia has been facing this challenging issues related to the environmental pollution. To solve this matter, the Malaysian authorities are looking into the root cause of the pollution and extra measurements are to be taken. Enforcement of strict and effective legislation and regulations, enhancement of existing punishment, consistent in term policies, protection to endanger species of flora and fauna and the protection of natural resources are required to monitor and manage this matter

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