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Airline industry has become an essential part of the economy in both developed and less developed worlds. When the distances involved are far, air transport plays an important role in moving people and products from one place to another, be it domestic or international Oyewole, Sankaran, and Choudhury (2008). Route is one of factor to student preference in selecting airlines industry. The demand of air transportation industry increases continuously due to the growth of economy. Passengers take airplanes more frequently for business or tourism purposes, and many type of products and parts such as mobile phones, semiconductors, and computer parts are transported through airplane for timely deliveries (Ko & Hwang, 2011). The frequent flight…show more content…
This is because the chance of finding a flight departing at a time that a passenger prefers is higher, and passengers can reduce potential waiting time for their flights. According to Wei and Schonfeld (2004) in order to lesser their possible waiting time, passengers prefer the most convenient departure times and highest flight frequency. However, those should only be increased up to a specific point that is determined by an airline operator’s economic interests. The optimization of flight frequency and departure times for one route between two cities is considered. In everyday operations, flight delays might happen due to some reason such as equipment failure, worse weather conditions, and limited runway capacity. Flight delays do not only arise crew operating cost, they can cause delay propagation on subsequent flights (Novianingsih, Hadianti, Uttunggadewa & Soewono,…show more content…
When constructing trips, there are very few flexibility in the duration, timing, and flight destinations because the airline tends to be committed to operating particular flight (Roach, Petrilli, Dawson & Lamond, 2012). In particular, an airline will choose a larger layover on the ground to buffer against the risk of a late incoming aircraft or schedule a longer flight time to absorb potential delays on the taxiways. According to Novianingsih et al. (2014) the hub has a very superior flight frequency, and the flights which its departure times on the peak hours period are very sensitive to be delayed. By scheduling more for flights during a day, an airline will pay its workers more and use its aircrafts less, but passengers will also spend less time waiting at

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