Airport Woes Essay

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Economic Impacts of the Airport Woes

The air travel remains to be the most preferred means of transport in the world today. However, managing the operations in the air industry is one of the most challenging tasks given. This due to the fact that there are several woes that affect a smooth operation of the daily operations including technical failures, human errors and unforeseen natural calamities. Problems caused by human factors include technical failures as a result of an improperly fixed aircraft or a runway collision resulting from ground operator errors among other factors. Naturally caused woes, on the other hand, involve weather related problems such as snow and heavy rain, fire and volcanic eruptions among other factors. Such challenges have resulted to most airports incurring high losses while others are forced to close or form mergers as a way of dealing with simultaneous losses. On a broader perspective, airport woes not only affect the airport itself but also other industries as well. The solution to dealing with various airport issues remains to be a big challenge to various stakeholders and airport management.

As a way of alleviating the challenges, it is important to understand the various shortcomings facing the airports operations, their
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On the other hand, inflations and recession affect the prices of the air, thus limiting the number of travellers and cargo (Acharya, 39). While the fluctuating prices affects the number of flights made in a particular airport, the airports has to come up with measures such as cutting off on some expansion projectsso as to cope with the impact of financial crisis. This as a result leads to a reduction in the quality of services hence having a negative productivity of the
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