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Akasha is a term widely used in Wiccan and Pagan Religions and widely used in Hinduism as well.
In the philosophies of India it considered as ether, which means that it includes material and nonmaterial entities in a common medium.
'Akasha' is Sanskrit in origin and is derived from the word 'kas' or 'kash', which means 'to shine or radiate'.

To me it means the highest, unseen Spiritual energy from which all transcendent matter is created; The Source of all matter; means Spirit or Ether; especially in Hindu religion this is Source/ energy from where all world originates including all our Gods

In pagan communities, Akasha represents the esoteric 'Fifth Element' - that of Spirit. Important for psychic and occult practices since from here (the Astral
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It consists of all elements- earth, air, fire, water. We all are composed of these things. This energy is where all the humanity's deepest knowledge and secrets are stored. And through spiritual practices we can draw more from this energy and be closer to realization. In Hindu religion, we believe in the Law Of Karma. And we can only understand the law if we understand and tap into this mystical, spiritual substance where "memories" are stored since the beginning of time. Also, we believe that all we see in our daily life, all that is happening, it all is "Maya or illusion". Maybe "Akasha, also the 5th element meaning space in Hinduism" can be a way to unearth the layers of illusions and find the real knowledge. This word is the basis for all spiritual and Occult practice. Akasha can be said nothingness i.e without any form or substance and is unchanged. Akasha is said to be present in our body (Soul is the akashic energy which is present in our physical body) as well as extends its energy throughout the universe. It is known as the primal source of energy which creates and fuels all the other

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