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So the Alaskan Malamute, this is the animal we are going to research and talk about. Yo may find out something new, or you may read something that will help you out. If you are thinking of getting this dog you may want to continue to read this essay paper. Remember this is a dog, and they need just as much care and attention as you would give anything else. The Alaskan Malamute, they are the largest husky out of the husky breed; so with that large size comes lots of care and health responsibilities.
With the Malamute’s large size comes with some health problems. Just like you would do with any other dog, you want to keep them around people and good environments so they are well suited dogs for an owner. Doing this helps with their mental state and how well they will interact with a human being; and if they are going into a home with another animal you may want to train it to do well with other dogs, or any animal. Malamute’s are regularly really healthy but there are some genetic diseases you may want to look out for in your Malamute. One disease is; Hip Dysplasia, which is a
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With having a long lasting life you need to keep them on a regular diet, and for this large dog you may need a little help figuring out how much this beast needs to eat without over or under eating. The adult Malamute will need to eat 1 ⅓ - 2+ cups twice a day. If they are outside more you may want to feed them a cup or half a cup more, also in the winter if they are outside too give them a cup or cup and half more twice a day. You do not want to overfeed your dog, or even under feed them. The puppy Malamute is much more smaller in size so you want to feed them less than your adult Malamute, feed them soft foods until you know they can chew and digest the solid food easily. Remember a puppy Malamute is growing so you may feed them 1 cup or less depending on their size and continue to add food to their dish as they

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