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Albanian Language is one of the humanity’s biggest evolution. Throughout history, many important discoveries and cultures have been lost due to various reasons, e.g.: wars and occupations where ancient manuscripts were destroyed. At the ancient times, there were fewer communication devices in comparison to today. Humankind has had the ability to improve itself using language which itself varies when we move within continents, regions and even states. Although we are aware of a large number of spoken languages on this planet (approximately 7000 or more according to our lecturer Julie Kolgjini), we must not neglect to also consider that these languages contain various dialects. Each dialect has its peculiarities that compete with other dialects e.g.: ya’ll, you’s and you…show more content…
What is interpreted with “language valorization” is language prestige which most of the time for most of the people doesn’t make sense. According to “The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences”, language prestige refers to the social position of a language, especially in multilingual settings, the purposes it is used for, as well as people’s beliefs and feelings about it (par. 1) This prominence of the language isn’t related to a particular standard language, neither with the composition of the language as a whole, it is all about the impact of specific words in the assumption of the people who speak a certain language, which these words are a part of. The language prestige can be categorized as overt (a language of authority) and covert (a language of solidarity). The first one is usually associated with the standard or official language which is accepted by the various institutions and is used primarily for academic purposes, while the second one is used in regards of the use of a language by small groups of people and the valorization they give to certain manners of speaking, so it is a valuation of speaking on daily basis (par.

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