Essay On Albert Speer's Trial At Nuremberg

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I was born in Mannheim, Germany. I am educated in architectural studies at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, and later at the Universities of Munich and Berlin. I was Inspired by Adolf Hitler’s oratory power, so I joined the National Socialist party [NAZI] in January 1931. I believed Hitler and the Nazis could answer the communist threat and restore the glory of the German empire that he considered lacking under the Weimar Republic. Speer quickly proved his worth by his efficient and creative staging of Nazi events. He designed monuments and decorations, as well as the parade grounds at Nuremberg where a party congress was held in 1934 and captured on film by Leni Riefenstahl in Triumph of the Will. That Nuremberg rally was the archetype of what became identifiable as a Nazi-style of public rallies as spectacles, characterized by huge…show more content…
The prosecution has indicated that my client was tied to the mass murders and killings of jews while under his watch. But there is a legitimate explanation to prove that he is not. People of the jury, the defense will call two witnesses to the stand to prove my client innocence, the first witness is my client is self albert speer and fritz sauckel. Albert speer was an architect that joined the nazi government with excitement and later moved to a higher rank in the nazi goverment. Fritz sauckel was a close friend to speer but also was a german nazi politician. Each of these witnesses are here to testify that my client had no intention on using his human labor camp to create a crime of humanity. As i conclude this case, we would ask you to find that my client is innocent. The prosecution has not met its burden of proof, and we would ask for a verdict of not guilty. Albert Speer wasn 't a good man and he did many wrongful things in his lifetime but he is not guilty of crimes against humanity.
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