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Alexander the Great was amazingly great as a ruler. He knew what he was doing He was by far a a great ruler in many ways.He only fought when he saw nesscessary, let others practice their own religions, and wanted to keep the traditions alive by adopting and learning about the religions.
Alexander was great because he always tried peace before violence. In the passage about Event A, from the perspective of the conqueror, it states that before the battle between Thebes and the Macedonian forces, Alexander asked for them to make peace. It also states he “...waited three days but the Thebans maintained their resistance.” Alexander tried make peace before any of the bloodshed started. This shows that Alexander didn’t feel the need to fight others,
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In Event B, from the perspective of the conqueror, it states that in his plans for Alexandria of Egypt, Alexander the Great ,”...determined which gods should have their temples in the city’s foundation and even allowed temples to be built honoring Egyptian gods.” This proves that Alexander wanted everyone in Egypt to remain honoring their own gods, if they wished to do so. There is another example of this In the passage of Event C from the perspective of the conqueror, it says that after gaining rule over Persia, Alexander was “...appointing Persian governors to rule territories and allowing the Persian people to continue their religious beliefs.” If Alexander had been an a harsh ruler, he wouldn’t have let others practice their own religion; he would want absolute rule. Another example of how great Alexander the Great was he willingness and respect for other cultural and religion practices. In Event C, from the perspective of the conqueror, it states that Alexander “...adopted some Perisan customs himself, including wearing Persian clothing.” This means Alexander respected what the Persians did. In another example in the passage of Event D, it states, Alexander “...questioned Indian holy men closely, trying to learn as much as he could about… Hinduisim.” This proves that Alexander not only liked the cultures and religions, he wanted to learn and understand these
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