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Life is unpredictable. Our dreams, we never know will they come true, and yes we all have fantasies just like Alice had. Those fantasies are describing a girl, a girl who is a teenager and it is describing her childhood and her view on life.
This story is telling us how life can be unexpected, how changes it ways but usually ends up in right place which caucus race is supposed to symbolize in the beginning of the story. Alice did not understand why animals were running around with no ending. Alice was also mentioning her cat, all the time and she was frightening the animals with her story about the cat, she was doing that with no aware that she is doing something bad. Alice only realized that, when animals started to leaving from her. She
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Alice was either to big, or to small. This Is the world where Alice was growing, when she was small that showed how much Alice felt insecure like a child and how much she did not know about the world, in the other hand, she was growing which symbolized that Alice wanted to be a big girl and to be prepared to be adult. She just wanted to fulfill her destiny and dreams. “Her growing is also symbolizing that she was leaving her childhood and pleasures that she had like child” (“SparkNotes”). Because of that Alice started to suspect in her identity and personality. She forgot who she was, she was asking herself questions and could not explain others who is she. She was comparing herself with her friend, Marbel from class. Alice could not handle those changes, and her pool of tears indicates her emotional part, because she made an ocean of tears while crying, that symbolizes her emotions. There was a part when only her parts of body were growing, for example her head, then neck and that is indicating on that how teenagers are going trough puberty, and most of them do not like their bodies, they think lots of bad stuff about them selves, they are just not satisfied. In Wonderland, everyone was rude to Alice, she wanted to find someone polite which shows us that she was scared about introducing new life, new people and new personality while…show more content…
We can form are own state about this story by using things and data that fits us the best. Alice in Wonderland is helping all kids to understand and to introduce life and what life is giving us. Alice sees Wonderland like her dream but in fact that is the real world of Alice’s fears. The death was mentioned several times, but Alice never thought about the death like that was some kind of threat, because most of the kids never think about it. Alice is just a girl who is scared of growing up, but in the other hand she knows that being adult has benefits, and she is changing like every other girl and boy. When you are adult you have to face bigger problems then you do when you are a
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