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The type of therapeutic that is not considered as a part of medical treatment has known as alternative medicine (A.M). Many people prefer that type of medicine because they feel that is a good way to get better and Cancer patient like it in spite of radiation therapy. ¹Marceline, Lindsey, Nelson, and Gail A. Showed the six type of medicine (2005). First type is Traditional alternative medicine examples Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. Second form is Body, includes Massage, Tai chi, and yoga based on idea that illness is located on one area of body. Third category is Diet and Herbs, example, herbal medicine and Dietary supplements, that idea built that nutrition is very important and today there are many problems in the…show more content…
Because in the past there are so many ways and practices resemble to that type of medicine. Although that type started from a long time ago approximately 5000 years ago, started from China, it assemble the way of medicine use until that day, they used some herbals together and tai chi and various method to get back the patient his good health and this methods got to all countries around china and the most of Asia countries. During the middle ages, Monks in Europe studied that genre of medicine taken from Arabic countries, when America was discovered by Christopher Columbus on 1492 and most of Europe people went to the new world, they founded that Native Americans used that type and they knew very well how to use plants in medicine so alternative medicine spread quickly to all over the world. In the 20th century alternative medicine decreased and people believe that hospital and the development in medicine is better, although many people see that alternative medicine is much better because it has fewer side effects, much economical, fewer side effects and more effective than

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